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BL-400 Bio-Lock EverLock BDS-212

User-friendly Accessibility

  • Biometric Access System
  • User Access Code
  • Mechanical Override Keys

Low Battery Indicator

Battery level indicator shown on screen

Autolock Function

Door locks automatically when closed

Enhanced Safety

Double Authorization Mode Fingerprint and User Access Code.  

With double authorization mode set up, both user code and fingerprint must be authenticated to open the door, strengthening security (Selectable)

Ultra-slim design with touch sensor

Door could be open by gently touching the sensor with your password or touching your registered RF card to the sensor

Fire detection alarm and auto release of lock device

When heat above 60 degree C is detected, the device will sets off an alarm and door lock will automatically be released for escape.

Auto lock function

Device will automatically locks up when door is closed to prevent door being left open accidentally.

Anti-theft and double lock function

When double lock is set from inside the house, door cannot be opened from outside. On the other hand, when forced lock from outside the house is set, an alarm will sets off when door is opened from inside the house.


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