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Product Features

Latest face recognition algorithm

Adopt exclusive Face Image+ V4 algorithm, integrate "multiple light face recognition technology" and high performance DSP processor, excellent accuracy, faster analysis speed.

Reliable performance under outdoor environment

The 1st facial recognition device can work at outdoor in the world. And it has excellent light adaptability. At the same time, the color of skin, gender, facial expression, beard and hair style's change will not affect the identification.

24 hours working continuously

Adopt human-harmless non-visible auxiliary light technologies. It can work well with good performance in day and night. 24 hours working continuously.

Stable performance, low power and energy conservation

High performance, low power DSP processors, off-line operation, keep stable after long time testing, auto-standby mode supported, energy saving and environment protection.

Easy to use, human interface

TFT LCD/touch screen, the human GUI interface and WEB management software, to support local operation and provide real-time display function, and a voice reminder.

Face recognition model supported, irreplaceable nature

Based on the characteristics of face and uniqueness, cannot be replaced and copy.

Intelligent self-learning function

Automatically synchronize time, capture face images. Template self-studying also built in that makes face template database keep updating along with dynamic changes of hair style, complexion, and age and so on. Always store the most updated version of user information to make correct recognition.

Huge storage capacity, USB backup supported

Support USB storage device to import/export data.


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