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TDE100 (5-Slots Cabinet) TDE200 (10-Slots Cabinet) TDE600  (Up to 4 Cabinets)


The KX-TDE is a converged system that offers pure IP connectivity via a network or Ethernet connection that resides on a new main processor card. This allows the KX-TDE to be configured as a pure IP system, as a traditional system or both - allowing the customer to migrate to IP at their own pace. The KX-TDE supports expansion with analogue, Digital & ISDN, Network with other systems, making them ideal for customers planning to expand into a VoIP Solution in the future. Enhance your business with a solution designed to meet your needs, with mobility, network applications and a common infrastructure that can connect to your users, wherever they are Easy-Smooth Migration is the key for customers upgrading to Converged solutions. KX-TDA series systems can easily be upgraded to take advantage of all the new benefits. Manage a single, or multiple systems from any location, and benefits from lower costs, and increased business productivity.


System Features

  • Initial system accepts up to 64 IP-proprietary telephones and 32 IP-trunks with the optional DSP card
  • SIP phones accept up to 128 standard
  • 2 Built-in LAN ports
  • Support the new IP-PT KX-NT300 Series
  • Full support of KX-TDA features
  • Upgradeable to KX-TDE by changing the main card (IPCMPR) in the KX-TDA
  • Multi-site programming
  • Server Connection
  • Built-in simplified voice message
  • Enhanced walking extension (Hot desking)

Inner View of KX-TDE100 Main Unit

Flexible Expansion by Adding Activation Keys

By installing an optional activation key, the number of IP terminals that can be contained on an MPR card can be expanded to 128 and the number that can be contained on an SIP trunk card can be expanded to 64. This enables flexible expansion since it is not necessary to add new dedicated optional cards for terminals and phone lines.

Multi-site Networking

The KX-TDE leverage the latest digital networking, Voice over IP (VoIP) and SIP technologies to cost effectively handle intra-office, multi-site and long distance communications over converged voice and data networks. Up to 8 KX-TDE systems can be networked and centrally managed without the need for a server.

SIP Networking for Low Cost Communication

Using the built-in SIP trunking interface, businesses now have the ability to connect the KX-TDE Communication Systems to the growing list of SIP based Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) to achieve lowcost VoIP calls over managed broadband IP networks.

Multi-Cell Wireless Integration

Extension line phones can be made wireless. The multi-cell DECT Wireless System enables the office building to become a single call zone. Since calls can be made while working away from the desk, this contributes to improved productivity.

KX-DT346B 24-Key
Display Speakerphone
KX-DT333 24-Key
Display Speakerphone
KX-DT321 8-Key
IP Display Speakerphone
IP Softphone



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